Fortinet Online Registration Guidelines

Weekly Enrollment Update: Every Friday, Fortinet processes online registrations to their Learning Management System (LMS).

Avoid Duplicates: Refrain from registering repeatedly, across different days, or via multiple organizations. Such actions can lead to your application being denied.

Registration Format Instructions:

Organization Selection: Choose “PAICTA” from the dropdown menu when selecting your cohort organization.
Personal Details: Type your first and last name using appropriate capitalization (avoid all caps or full lowercase). Input your personal email in lowercase. Ensure you maintain this email consistency for course continuity, certificate downloads, and redeeming NSE 4 exam vouchers granted through this initiative.
Certification Insight: The NSE 4 certification is a globally recognized entry-point that enables individuals to apply for various entry-level cybersecurity roles such as Administration, Sales, Operations, and Marketing. We’ve introduced a “Networking Fundamentals” course to bolster your NSE 4 success, ideal for those new to IT or networking. If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended to start with NSE 1-3, then proceed to Networking Fundamentals.
Course Selection: Approach the courses systematically. Avoid enrolling in all at once and ensure you’re at the appropriate level.
Registration Link: Enroll for Fortinet courses here.

Additional Information for Instructors


To reduce frequent syntax errors, consider sharing these guidelines with your learners:

Course Access: Learners can sign up for NSE 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 courses. Detailed course descriptions are available.
Voucher Benefits: After the successful completion of NSE 4, we offer exam vouchers, offsetting the $400 USD fee. This is available for up to 50 initial NSE 4 learners. For any changes or expansions in needs, get in touch with us.
Voucher Request: As an administrator, post-verification of a learner’s course completion, you can request NSE 4 exam vouchers using a specific link. Ensure this link remains confidential and is not shared with learners.
Syntax Adherence: Correctly formatted entries are crucial. Remember, entries are updated every Friday. Use appropriate capitalization for names and always use a consistent lowercase email. This email consistency is vital for course interactions, certificate downloads, and voucher access.
Important: Avoid multiple registrations. Repetitive entries, especially through varied channels, can disrupt the system and compromise your enrollment.