Empower yourself to bring data analysis to life and make informed, data-driven business decisions. Our Data and Analytics Pathway provides you with the skills and knowledge to effectively analyse, interpret, and visualise data. Gain proficiency in essential tools and techniques, enabling you to turn raw data into actionable insights. With this pathway, you’ll be equipped to drive strategic decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and contribute to your organisation’s success through the power of data.


CompTIA DataSys+ is an entry-level certification in data management that concentrates on the intricacies of data administration and security.

CompTIA DataSys+ validates your proficiency in constructing, supporting, and safeguarding expanding data systems.

Stand out with DataSys+, the exclusive vendor-neutral certification option for databases. Develop and authenticate data administrator skills irrespective of vendor tools.

Standardize your skill set with DataSys+, which defines and verifies a consistent skill set suitable for certified database administrators (DBAs).

With the incessant accumulation of big data, there is a growing need for qualified administrators to manage and secure these assets.

CompTIA DataSys+ will instil confidence in your employer regarding your capabilities to deploy, manage, and uphold data systems in a secure environment.

Throughout the certification process, you will acquire skills in various areas:
  • Database Fundamentals: Grasp various database structure types while honing skills in developing, modifying, and executing structured query language (SQL) code. This lays the groundwork for gathering, storing, and leveraging data assets across any operating system.
  • Database Deployment: Compare and contrast different aspects of database design and planning, and elucidate the phases of implementation, testing, deployment, and optimization of collected data.
  • Database Management and Maintenance: Understand the importance of monitoring and reporting database performance, describe common database maintenance processes, and generate critical documentation.
  • Data and Database Security: Safeguard databases, fortify against attacks, manage authorization, and ensure compliance with governance and regulatory standards.
  • Business Continuity: Equip yourself to handle incidents by implementing best practices for disaster recovery, backup, and restoration of database management systems.


CompTIA Data+ is an entry-level certification in data analytics designed for professionals tasked with fostering and advancing data-driven decision-making in businesses.

CompTIA Data+ equips you with the confidence to animate data analysis.

Stand out with Data+ by enhancing your ability to analyse and interpret data more effectively, ensuring rigorous analysis and avoiding misleading results.

Communicate insights clearly by emphasizing key findings in reports that persuade rather than confuse, thereby contributing to better data-driven decision-making.

Demonstrate competency and become a valuable team member by enhancing your data literacy, making yourself more employable and opening doors for career advancement.

CompTIA Data+ certifies that you possess the skills necessary to facilitate data-driven business decisions.

Throughout the certification journey, you will acquire skills in various domains:
  • Data Concepts and Environments: Expand your knowledge by identifying basic concepts of data schemas and dimensions, while understanding the distinctions between common data structures and file formats.
  • Data Mining: Develop your skills to explain data acquisition concepts, reasons for cleansing and profiling datasets, execute data manipulation, and comprehend techniques for data manipulation.
  • Data Analysis: Gain the ability to apply appropriate descriptive statistical methods, summarize types of analysis, and utilize critical analysis techniques.
  • Visualization: Learn how to translate business requirements into suitable visualizations in the form of reports or dashboards, incorporating proper design components.
  • Data Governance, Quality, & Controls: Enhance your ability to summarize essential data governance concepts and apply data quality control concepts.


CompTIA DataX represents the pinnacle of skills development programs for seasoned professionals seeking validation of their expertise in the swiftly evolving domain of data science.

CompTIA DataX serves to fortify your comprehensive grasp of pivotal data tools and concepts.

Set yourself apart with DataX, the foremost vendor-neutral certification in data science, affirming advanced-level skills regardless of the tools employed. It establishes and verifies a standardized skill set tailored for certified data scientists.

With the relentless expansion of available data across organizations, there’s an escalating demand for adept data scientists.

CompTIA DataX will attest to your capability to harness and analyse extensive datasets, distil meaningful insights, and derive actionable recommendations.

Throughout the program, you’ll cultivate proficiency across various areas:
  • Mathematics and Statistics: Apply mathematical and statistical methodologies effectively, with a focus on data processing, cleansing, statistical modelling, and concepts in linear algebra and calculus.
  • Modelling, Analysis, and Outcomes: Employ appropriate techniques for analysis and modelling, ensuring well-justified recommendations.
  • Machine Learning: Utilize machine learning models and grasp principles of deep learning.
  • Operations and Processes: Understand and implement efficient data science operations and processes.
  • Specialized Applications of Data Science: Demonstrate comprehension of industry trends and specialized applications of data science across various domains.