PAICTA ISTIA’s Experiential Learning Programs are structured to facilitate the application of academic and theoretical knowledge, gained through International courses, MICT SETA, and QCTO, in real-world professional settings. These programs encompass a range of practical learning experiences, including internships, learnerships, apprenticeships, cooperative education (co-ops), and various other fieldwork or practicum opportunities.

The hallmark of these programs lies in their seamless integration of academic learning with hands-on professional experience. This approach not only enriches the learning process but also equips participants with valuable work experience and professional skills. Furthermore, these programs often serve as a conduit to future career opportunities in the relevant industries, thereby aligning academic pursuits with professional aspirations. They are instrumental in building a competent workforce that is well-prepared to meet the demands of the current job market and adapt to its evolving nature.

ISTIA's internships, managed by PAICTA, are designed as dynamic work experience programs lasting up to 12 months. These programs are tailored for students, recent graduates, and unemployed graduate youth, aiming to provide them with relevant skills and practical experience in their chosen fields. The internships vary in nature, offering both stipend-supported (paid) and volunteer (unpaid) opportunities, and typically range in duration from one month to a full year.

To date, ISTIA has successfully hosted three cohorts of internships in partnership with MICT SETA. In the context of academic learning, particularly within Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) frameworks, ISTIA’s internships are often a crucial component of the curriculum, and in some courses, they are even mandatory for graduation. This integration ensures that participants are not just learning theoretical concepts in the classroom, but are also applying this knowledge in real-world professional settings. Such an approach is instrumental in bridging the gap between academic theory and practical application.

These internships are pivotal in providing hands-on experience, promoting the application of learned concepts, and aiding in the development of professional networks. They are key in preparing participants for their future careers, enhancing their employability and ensuring they are well-equipped to enter the professional world. Additionally, ISTIA has hosted two WIL cohorts in collaboration with the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), further illustrating the program's commitment to practical, experiential learning.

ISTIA's learnership program represents a robust, work-based educational pathway, culminating in accredited qualifications recognized by MICT SETA, QCTO, as well as in various International OEM and CompTIA courses. This program, extending over a period of 12 months, uniquely positions learners as they are gainfully employed and receive a stipend throughout their training duration. Designed to integrate practical workplace experience with structured academic learning, the learnership at ISTIA ensures a comprehensive educational experience.

Participants not only gain in-depth theoretical knowledge but also develop essential practical skills directly applicable to their professional fields. This dual focus on academic rigor and practical application is pivotal in preparing learners for the complexities and challenges of the modern workforce. Moreover, the program provides an invaluable platform for learners to engage in real-world projects and scenarios, thereby enriching their learning journey with practical insights and professional acumen. Such exposure is instrumental in enhancing their employability and equipping them with the tools necessary for career advancement.

The learnership program at ISTIA is a testament to our commitment to nurturing skilled and competent professionals, ready to contribute effectively to their respective industries and sectors.

ISTIA presents an extensive skills programme that integrates a set or cluster of unit standards to formulate comprehensive programs. These programs are accredited with credits on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and extend to include International Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) training courses as well as CompTIA pathway courses. Tailored to meet specific employer requirements, these programmes are designed to enhance employee proficiency in key areas.

The unique structure of these programmes offers learners the opportunity to progress towards a full qualification, should they choose to pursue the remaining unit standards. This pathway is not only flexible but also caters to a wide range of professional development needs, from immediate skill enhancement to achieving long-term educational objectives. The training, provided by accredited educators, guarantees a learning experience that is both high in quality and relevant to industry demands.

On completing a skills programme at ISTIA, learners are awarded a Statement of Results, officially recognizing their newly acquired skills. Similar to learnerships, ISTIA's skills programmes are inclusive, benefiting both employed and unemployed individuals by providing diverse opportunities for skills development.

Key Features of ISTIA's Skills Programmes

Certification: Participants earn certifications upon completion, thereby enhancing their employability and standing within the professional community.

Practical Application: With an emphasis on hands-on learning, the programmes include practical workshops, simulations, and project work, offering learners the chance to apply their skills in real-world scenarios.

Career Orientation: The primary aim is to ready learners for specific career paths or to enhance their skills in their current roles, aligning with the current market demands and skill shortages.
Accessibility: These programmes are more accessible compared to traditional degree programs, requiring fewer prerequisites and thus opening doors for a broader range of individuals, including those seeking a career change or skill upgrade. In essence, ISTIA's skills programmes are a cornerstone of vocational education and training, effectively aligning skill training with the evolving needs of industries and employers, and playing a crucial role in fostering workforce development and job readiness.