TestOut Digital Literacy Pro gives students a starting point that builds excitement, and confidence and hooks them into learning more about technology. It’s not too hard, with lots of handholding, yet robust enough that they can explore relevant tech without fear of breaking expensive gear.

This new courseware is a comprehensive toolbox that gives students active experiences solving real-world challenges with online, hands-on labs. This easy-to-use curriculum includes videos, demos, lab simulations, and quizzes to help students navigate tomorrow’s digital world.

Course Topics

  • Complete
  • Keyboarding
  • Hardware
  • Operating System & File System
  • Intro to Applications
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • Other Common Applications
  • Network, Cloud, & Online Collaboration
  • Internet, Social Media, & IoT
  • Mobile Technology
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Career Pathways
  • TestOut Digital Literacy Pro Practice Exams  




CompTIA Tech+ serves as the foundational certification for individuals embarking on careers in the tech industry, offering a comprehensive range of fundamental tech knowledge and practical skills to instil confidence and technological proficiency.

Positioned as the essential tech certification for all, CompTIA Tech+ lays the groundwork for careers in tech-related fields, empowering individuals with the requisite tech understanding crucial for success in technology-driven roles.

Elevate your career with a robust foundation in tech literacy provided by CompTIA Tech+, essential for thriving in today’s digital economy. It serves as the ideal starting point for anyone aiming to enrich their career with vital technology skills.

Master the fundamental tech skills necessary for success with CompTIA Tech+, covering a broad spectrum of topics ranging from basic concepts and security to software development, ensuring a well-rounded tech education adaptable to any learning environment.

Who can benefit from CompTIA Tech+?

Students and aspiring professionals can launch their careers with a solid grasp of tech fundamentals.

Tech-adjacent workers can enhance their job performance and efficiency by acquiring essential tech literacy that intersects with their tasks.

Lifelong learners can future-proof their skills by staying ahead of their industry’s digital transformation with practical tech knowledge.

CompTIA Tech+ validates your essential technology skills, empowering you to excel in tech-related roles.

Throughout the certification process, you will acquire proficiency in various areas:

  • IT Concepts and Terminology: Grasp the essentials of computing, data significance, and problem-solving.
  • Infrastructure: Equip yourself with the knowledge to securely manage devices and networks.
  • Applications and Software: Understand the functioning of software applications and operating systems.
  • Software Development: Gain an introduction to coding and software creation.
  • Database Fundamentals: Learn about data management and database interfacing.
  • Security: Gain insights into safeguarding digital information and ensuring privacy and data protection.