Cultivating Excellence and Innovation

The Centre of Agriculture and Innovation is recognised as a vibrant and technologically advanced centre of excellence. Our mission is to harness the potential of our staff, unemployed youth, and the community through innovative teaching, research, and strategic collaborations. Our academic team is deeply committed to forming robust relationships with industry leaders, public sector entities, and academic peers both nationally and internationally. These partnerships yield significant opportunities for unemployed youth, providing them with diverse educational, research, and community engagement experiences that are tailored to both our local environment and the broader national context.
At ISTIA, we are dedicated to creating an empowering and positive educational atmosphere. We encourage unemployed youth to engage earnestly in their training and development, with the aim of shaping them into distinguished representatives for PAICTA, their communities, and their families as they make their way into the professional world. Our approach is to blend traditional agricultural knowledge with the latest innovations in technology and methods, equipping our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the modern agricultural industry.


Our Commitments:
Cutting-edge Teaching and Research:

Leveraging advanced technology and innovative teaching methods to provide top-notch education in agriculture.

Strategic Industry Linkages: Building connections with industry and public partners to enhance practical learning and research opportunities.
Community Integration and Engagement: Aligning our educational/training and research initiatives with the needs of the local and national communities.
Holistic Development: Focusing on the comprehensive development of youth, encompassing both technical competencies and personal growth.

Through these commitments, the School of Agriculture and Innovation aims to be a driving force in the agricultural sector, positively impacting not only the unemployed youth but also the broader community. Our vision is to foster a new generation of agriculturists who are well-versed in contemporary challenges and solutions, ready to make meaningful contributions to society.


AgriSETA Accredited NQF Courses
48979 – National Certificate: Animal Production Level 4 140 Credits
49009 – National Certificate: Plant Production level 4,142 credits
49578 – National Certificate: Poultry Production level 3,120
66589 – National Certificate: Horticulture level 2 120 credits
48977 – National Certificate: Mixed Farming Systems level 2 120 credits