Purpose Of Our Programmes

The purpose of our IT programmes in Africa is multifaceted, aiming to empower youth through skill development, gender equity promotion, economic opportunities, innovation, and community impact. By bridging the digital divide and fostering global connectivity, these programmes provide essential IT skills, particularly in cybersecurity, enabling individuals to excel in the digital era. Through a carefully designed curriculum and practical exercises, our initiatives offer a pathway for aspiring cybersecurity professionals to gain expertise and contribute to a safer digital landscape.


PAICTA ISTIA’s OS & IT Programme, in collaboration with Cisco Networking Academy and NDG, meticulously equips individuals with essential operating systems and IT skills, fast-tracking their success in the IT field.

PAYiCYS Programme

Tailored for aspiring cybersecurity professionals, this program spans 3-4 months, offering diverse self-paced modules and hands-on exercises to effectively master intricate cybersecurity concepts and skills.

PAYiCYS: Cybersecurity Path For High School Graduates

Begin your cybersecurity journey by mastering digital basics and building connections. Dive deeper with courses like Cisco’s Introduction to Cybersecurity, Fortinet, Check Point, and Splunk to enhance your expertise.