A Catalyst for Addressing Complex Challenges through Innovation

The Technopreneurship & Innovation Centre (TIC) is an epicentre of ideation and innovation, strategically positioned to tackle the most pressing unresolved challenges in industries and communities. At TIC, unemployed youth, students, are guided by top-tier academics, engage in research and development to devise solutions that address real-world problems. Our focus is on fostering a collaborative environment where unemployed youth, students, and industry partners co-create technological solutions such as intelligent software systems, video games, and mobile applications. These solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses, local communities, and governmental entities.
As an advocate of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and related emerging technologies agenda promoted by PAICTA, TIC emphasizes applied research in developing groundbreaking technological solutions. Our mission is to empower and inspire unemployed youth and students to become technology acquisition leaders. We provide them with essential technical skills to prepare for future employment opportunities and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset enriched with deep knowledge in Technology, Consumer Intelligence, and Information Systems. Our aim is to prepare them to be innovators and disruptors in the marketplace.

Services and Opportunities Offered by TIC:
Innovative Problem-Solving: Through ideation and innovation sessions, we encourage creative solutions.
Hackathon Competitions: Engaging competitions that stimulate technological problem-solving skills.
Skills Development Workshops: Hands-on workshops to enhance practical tech skills.
Development of Technological Solutions: Creating impactful tech solutions tailored to real-world needs.
Mentorship and Coaching Programs: Guidance from experienced professionals in the technology field.
Business and Industry Skills Training: Equipping our unemployed youth, students with essential business acumen and industry knowledge.

PAICTA prides itself on preparing unemployed youth with essential skills such as Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship, allowing them to effectively apply academic learning to industry challenges and innovate business solutions. The need for technologically skilled managers and entrepreneurs is escalating, and TIC is committed to fulfilling this demand.

Exciting Future Developments:
Looking Ahead, TIC is excited to announce the upcoming launch of an Incubator & Accelerator Hub in 2024-2025, designed to further support aspiring technopreneurs and innovators. We are currently seeking partnerships and sponsors to collaborate in this exciting new venture.


Engage with TIC:
For more information or to get involved with TIC, please reach out to:

Mr. Sonwabo Mdwaba, President of PAICTA
Email: | Phone: +27 81 499 8200

Join us in driving technological innovation and empowering the leaders of tomorrow!