Eastern cape, south africa



ISTIA’s learnership program represents a robust, work-based educational pathway, culminating in accredited qualifications recognized by MICT SETAQCTO, as well as in various International OEM and CompTIA courses. This program, extending over a period of 12 months, uniquely positions learners as they are gainfully employed and receive a stipend throughout their training duration. Designed to integrate practical workplace experience with structured academic learning, the learnership at ISTIA ensures a comprehensive educational experience.

Participants not only gain in-depth theoretical knowledge but also develop essential practical skills directly applicable to their professional fields. This dual focus on academic rigor and practical application is pivotal in preparing learners for the complexities and challenges of the modern workforce. Moreover, the program provides an invaluable platform for learners to engage in real-world projects and scenarios, thereby enriching their learning journey with practical insights and professional acumen. Such exposure is instrumental in enhancing their employability and equipping them with the tools necessary for career advancement.

The learnership program at ISTIA is a testament to our commitment to nurturing skilled and competent professionals, ready to contribute effectively to their respective industries and sectors


East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa