ISTIA Youth Empowerment Program Overview

Our comprehensive 12-month program combines intensive cybersecurity training with entrepreneurial support, creating a holistic approach to empower our youth. We cater to both job seekers and aspiring entrepreneurs, ensuring that our program meets a wide range of aspirations.

  • Cybersecurity Training: The first six months focus on cybersecurity training, ensuring that participants acquire the essential skills for this in-demand field.
  • Entrepreneurship Support: In the next six months, we assist our delegates in establishing their own cybersecurity agencies or businesses, fostering entrepreneurship.


Call to Action (Sponsors):

“Are you a business or organization interested in making a lasting impact on South African youth? Here are some of the benefits for our sponsors:

  • Leadership Role: As a sponsor, you’ll play a leadership role in our market research, best practice sharing, and other industry initiatives.
  • Exclusive Student Chapter Sponsorship: Gain exclusive sponsorship of PAICTA’s Student Chapter, connecting you with emerging talent.
  • Advocacy Role: Be a prominent advocate for cybersecurity and youth empowerment in the community.
  • Scholarship Program Contribution: Support our scholarship program, making education accessible to deserving students.
  • Cyber Awareness Initiatives: Co-host cyber awareness initiatives, leveraging your expertise.
  • Visibility: Enjoy visibility through newsletter mentions, social media partnerships, and featured webinars.

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Call to Action (Delegates):

Are you a young South African looking to unlock your potential? Enrol in the program and embark on a transformative journey. What you get:

  • Cybersecurity Training:Acquire in-demand cybersecurity skills through hands-on training.
  • Entrepreneurial Support:Receive mentorship and support to launch your own cybersecurity agency or business.
  • A Path to Employment:Job-seekers will find opportunities in the growing field of cybersecurity.
  • Scholarship Opportunities:Access scholarships to ease the path to your cybersecurity education.

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