The PAICTA PAYiCYS programme is designed for individuals committed to becoming cybersecurity professionals. It is tailored for those ready to complete the programme within 3/4 months. This certification programme includes a wide array of self-paced modules and practical, hands-on exercises aimed at demonstrating mastery of complex cybersecurity concepts. Each certification programme within PAYiCYS evaluates specific levels of cybersecurity expertise, ranging from foundation to architect levels. Upon completion of the required course criteria for the designated certification, a participant will be issued two vouchers valued at $200 USD each. These vouchers can then be redeemed for Pearson Vue Exams.

By reading on this website page, you have decided to pursue the Cybersecurity professional path to become a PAYiCyS CyberMaster. This programme exclusively offers courses in Fortinet Network Fundamentals (FNF), Fortinet Certified Fundamentals (FCF), Fortinet Certified Associate (FCA), Fortinet Certified Professional (FCP), and Fortinet Certified Solution Specialist (FCSS). Please note that Fortinet Certified Expert (FCX) course/certificate is not included in this programme.

The hallmark of these programs lies in their seamless integration of academic learning with hands-on professional experience. This approach not only enriches the learning process but also equips participants with valuable work experience and professional skills. Furthermore, these programs often serve as a conduit to future career opportunities in the relevant industries, thereby aligning academic pursuits with professional aspirations. They are instrumental in building a competent workforce that is well-prepared to meet the demands of the current job market and adapt to its evolving nature.


This course serves as an introduction to the essential aspects of data communication and the foundational operations of computer networking. Designed for newcomers to the data networking field, it caters to those aiming for careers in IT, computer networking and infrastructure, or cybersecurity. FNF establishes a base of vital networking concepts and terminology, providing students with a springboard to delve into more advanced topics relevant to these career paths.


The Fortinet Certified Fundamentals (FCF) in Cybersecurity certification validates your mastery of the essential technical skills and knowledge required for entry-level cybersecurity positions. This curriculum encompasses courses covering the current threat landscape and the fundamental principles of cybersecurity. To achieve this certification, you must successfully complete the core course along with one elective course. The certification remains valid for two years from the completion of the second course. Core Course: Introduction to the Threat Landscape This course provides an understanding of the cyberthreat landscape, including the various threats endangering computer networks, the actors responsible for these threats, and the fundamental cybersecurity principles crucial for maintaining network security. Elective Courses: 1. Getting Started in Cybersecurity Ideal for individuals in non-technical roles who need a high-level understanding of key technical cybersecurity fundamentals. Examples include security product salespeople and company CEOs. 2. Technical Introduction to Cybersecurity Designed for individuals in technical roles requiring a deeper understanding of cybersecurity fundamentals. It’s also suitable for those aspiring to pursue technical careers in cybersecurity.


The Fortinet Certified Associate (FCA) in Cybersecurity certification confirms your capability to perform advanced operations on a FortiGate device effectively. This curriculum focuses on mastering the fundamental aspects of operating the key features commonly found in FortiGate devices. At the FCA level, there is a single certification available. To earn this certification, candidates are required to complete the FortiGate Operator course and pass the corresponding exam. The FCA certification remains valid for two years from the date of passing the FortiGate Operator exam. Core Exam:

  • FortiGate Operator




The Fortinet Certified Professional (FCP) certifications attest to your proficiency in securing networks and applications through the deployment, management, and monitoring of Fortinet cybersecurity products. Each certification’s curriculum focuses on the day-to-day tasks associated with Fortinet devices. At the FCP level, there are three certifications available. Each certification requires a minimum number of core exams and/or elective exams. All FCP certifications remain valid for two years from the date the last exam(s) were passed. FCP exams can be scheduled through Pearson Vue, and PAICTA offers a $400 voucher for this purpose.


The FCP in Security Operations certification validates your competency in securing networks and applications through the deployment, management, and monitoring of Fortinet security operations products. This program covers the daily tasks associated with Fortinet security operation devices. To obtain this certification, you are required to pass two elective exams within a two-year timeframe. Elective Exams:

  • FortiGate Administrator
  • FortiAnalyzer Analyst
  • FortiSIEM
  • FortiSOAR Administrator
  • FortiEDR

The FCP in Network Security certification confirms your ability to secure networks and applications by deploying, managing, and monitoring Fortinet network security products. This curriculum addresses the routine tasks associated with Fortinet network security devices. To achieve this certification, you must pass the core exam and one elective exam within two years. Core Exam:

  • FortiGate Administrator

Elective Exams:


  • FortiClient EMS Administrator
  • FortiManager
  • FortiAnalyzer Administrator
  • FortiAuthenticator Administrator
  • FortiNAC
  • FortiSwitch
  • Secure Wireless LAN Administrator

The FCP in Public Cloud Security certification validates your proficiency in securing cloud applications through the deployment, management, and monitoring of Fortinet public cloud products. This curriculum addresses the daily responsibilities associated with Fortinet public cloud devices and virtual machines (VMs). To achieve this certification, you are required to pass one core exam and one elective exam within a two-year timeframe. The unique structure of these programmes offers learners the opportunity to progress towards a full qualification, should they choose to pursue the remaining unit standards. This pathway is not only flexible but also caters to a wide range of professional development needs, from immediate skill enhancement to achieving long-term educational objectives. The training, provided by accredited educators, guarantees a learning experience that is both high in quality and relevant to industry demands. Core Exams:

  • Cloud Security for AWS Administrator
  • Cloud Security for Azure Administrator

Elective Exams:

  • FortiGate Administrator
  • FortiMail
  • FortiWeb

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