ISTIA Youth Empowerment Program Overview

Spanning a period of 12 months, the ISTIA Youth Empowerment Program dedicates its initial 6 months to in-depth Cybersecurity (both theoretical and hands-on training) and the latter half to Entrepreneurship (covering theory and laying the groundwork for startups).

PART 1: Cybersecurity Module

Introduction: This segment is meticulously designed to grant participants an exhaustive understanding of cybersecurity. It empowers them with the skills required to protect digital assets, counter cyber threats, and enhance network security.

Curriculum Insights: We’ve constructed our curriculum around the globally acknowledged CompTIA Career Certification Pathway, covering expansive segments of cybersecurity and IT groundwork. Major areas of study include network security, ethical hacking, computer forensics, information security, and cloud security. Our course also aligns with the Occupational Certificate: Cybersecurity Analyst-SAQA-118986, Level 05, which offers 173 credits. Learners can attain specialized certifications specific to Check Point products and also partake in an intensive three-month practical cybersecurity session in collaboration with a renowned PAICTA partner.

Certification Opportunities: Enrollees have the chance to earn revered industry credentials such as CompTIA Security Pathway, Cisco Cybersecurity Essentials, and Fortinet Associate, amplifying their professional stature and job prospects.

Hands-on Experience: We stress the paramount importance of firsthand experience in cybersecurity. Engaging in lab assignments, simulations, and actual case scenarios, participants hone their real-world skills. They also get access to advanced cybersecurity tools to practice and refine their learning in a simulated environment.

Soft Skill Development and Career Advancement: Acknowledging the significance of soft skills, our module includes sessions on effective communication, teamwork, analytical thinking, and efficient project handling, shaping participants into holistic professionals.

Job Market Readiness: We provide assistance in honing resumes, prepping for interviews, and facilitating interactions with industry veterans, ensuring learners are well-prepared for their professional journeys post-program.

Future Career Paths: Graduates of our program can anticipate roles such as Security Analyst, Network Security Engineer, Information Security Specialist, Ethical Hacker, Security Consultant, and Incident Responder, each offering a plethora of growth opportunities.

PART 2: Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills in Young Graduates

Aim: Our ambition is to enhance the entrepreneurial prowess of the unemployed graduate demographic, promoting a solution-driven mindset via immersive experiences and stimulating discussions.

Program Essence: The curriculum delves into the core of entrepreneurship, nurturing the entrepreneurial mindset, identifying potential ventures, and creating a distinguished entrepreneurial narrative.

Supportive Infrastructure: Participants benefit from a wealth of resources, such as the QTCO – New Venture Creation – 210401 courses, the Cisco entrepreneur course, guidance from subject matter experts, and a suite of valuable PAICTA tools. Furthermore, students are motivated to inaugurate their own ventures, which PAICTA pledges to nurture for a period of 24 months following the program’s conclusion.

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